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"Dopner" Variation

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  Auction Highlights

T206 George Gibson with Ghost Overprint Blank Back sold for $4042

T206 Tubby Spencer No RED Variations sold for $2468

Printing Variations lot sold for $1970

T206 Yellow Brown printer scrap sold for $2900 & $2350

T206 Murray (Murr'y) variation sold for $8813

T206 Yellow Brown printer scrap sold for $967

GAI 3.5 Wagner sold for $456,057

Ty Cobb Upside-Down Miscut back sold for $3615

Four blank back ghost image cards sold for $3235

Group of three T206 errors sold for $9000

PSA-2 Wagner sold for $236,706

T206 Camnitz Miscut sold for $1715

Eleven Ghost Overprints sold for $14K

PSA-1 Wagner sold for a record price of $110K

Seven Ghost Overprints sold for $9048

T206 Wagner Uncut Proof Strip sold for $78,665

PSA-1 Wagner sold for record price $78,144

T206 Piedmont Wagner sold for $86,730

T206 Wagner PSA-8 nets $1.27 Million
Special Delivery

Legendary baseball card -- T206 Honus Wagner

T206 PSA-8 Wagner Auction Highlight in 2000

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