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T206 100th Year Anniversary

Written by T206museum

A century has passed and there are still a lot of mysteries in this hundred year old set. There are a lot of unusual phenomenal, variations or "secrets" in this tobacco set that are known by hardcore collectors but have never been discussed in public or documented. In commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of T206 White Border set, T206museum.com is going to reveal these "secrets" and share them with collectors.

Some topics are nothing more than basic information and can be observed through out the T206 production. Some variations can only be found in a small group of T206s and collectors might have them in their collections but just never pay attention to them. Some of the untold "secrets" can provide useful information on understanding the T206 printing process. All of these information are very valuable and worth to be documented before they are lost again. Hopefully by sharing these knowledge can help other collectors who are also working on T206 projects to resolve more T206 mysteries in the future.

Current Topics:

Up Coming Topics:

  • Back Overprint
  • Ghost Overprint
  • Miscut Front
  • Miscut Back
  • Yellow Brown Printer Scrap
  • Missing Letter
  • Card Size
  • ....etc...

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